frequently asked questions

What size space does Little Moments Caravan require? Little Moments requires a flat, sturdy ground space of 4.5metres long (this includes the tow bar) by 2.5metres wide and 2.5metres high.

Does Little Moments Travel? Yes, Little Moments loves a good road trip! We are based in Mangawhai, so travel costs may apply and are charged at $0.79 per km. Just let us know where your event is to take place and we can send you through a quote including the travel costs.

Can Little Moments go off the beaten track? Little Moments is always up for an adventure to a unique and remote location. Whether it be the beach, the park, or a paddock. As long as there is a clear sturdy path for us to follow & you can give us enough information prior we will let you know if we think it’s do-able!

Does Little Moments Caravan require power? Yes, Little Moments operates off standard 240V power so all we need is a regular available power point. We have our own extension leads so no need to worry about that. If there is no standard power onsite we can hire a generator and run from that. Additional cost will apply for this.

What time do you arrive onsite? Little Moments Caravan likes to arrive with plenty of time to get set up and ready before service time. Therefore, in most cases we ensure we are onsite 1 hour prior to our service start time. The more information you give us about the schedule of the event, the better!

How many photostrips do we get? You get two identical strips each time with 3 photos per strip.

Can we design how our photostrips will look? Yes! The photo strips are 6x4 portrait photo automatically cut in half to make the 2 strips copies. Each photo strip contains 3 photos which allows you enough room to place a logo, wording or an image at the top and something small at the bottom. We have a number of templates that you can choose from that we can adjust to make unique to you for your event.

Do the photos print in colour or black and white? Both, just let us know your preference!

Can I hire Little Moments without someone running it? Yes, dry hire is available, get in touch to find out more.

Does Little Moments sell alcohol? No. You supply the beverages and we supply the service. The drinks are to be organised & supplied by the event organiser or third party. This is a win-win as it means no liquor licensing is required and you – the host – save money by buying your drinks direct.

Do you supply the bar staff to serve drinks? Yes, usually 2 bar staff works well, but this depends on your party numbers and requirements.

Do you serve cocktails? Anything is possible, let us know what you envisage and let’s try make it happen! We will do whatever we can to make your event as you want it. (Cocktails may well require extra staff or equipment at an extra cost)

How do you chill the beverages? We use a number of chilly bins and lots of ice within the caravan to keep all your beverages nice and cold. We can store quite a bit inside the caravan and what we can’t we keep nearby and replenish as we go. As we only arrive onsite to set up 1-hour prior to opening, we highly suggest that most of your beverages (especially a few bubbles and beers) be pre chilled.


Do you remove empty bottles & rubbish? Unfortunately we do not have the space for rubbish bins, so this is up to you to clear. We will clear as many bottles and rubbish as we can during bar service.

Do you do table service? Not usually, we prefer to serve only from Little Moments Caravan. This is great for you as your guests are forced to leave their table and mingle with other guests. It also keeps alcohol costs and waste down as people don't tend to drink as much when it's not being consistently topped up! Our staff will rove around, pick up empty glasses and bottles.